From Rowen Murphy (1860)

JC Licht on Greenbay- Dolores Ochoa spent alot of time with us showing wallpaper samples, making sure we got the right amount. A co-worker gave us a lesson on how to wallpaper and the best products to use. They also matched paint for us. Overall great to have people that could answer our questions.

Flying Locksmiths-
773-377-8100, friendly and respond quickly

Eco Tub- Odorless Bathtub restoration
Anton Busygin- 224 435 6179
cost me 450 to redo the whole tub- this is poured enamel, dries in 24 hours, very little smell took about 3 1/2 hours.


From Phil Osborne (1856)
Painter Recommendation
I have a friend who is a professional musician (string bass). For years, he has supplemented his music income with interior house painting. He is very careful and his rate is modest. He likes small jobs, the kind of painting jobs that many of us would have. Contact info: John Tuck, 847.328.7831,


AUDIOLOGIST RECOMMENDATION from Madeline Binder (1860 2NW): I had such a great experience that I wanted to share when I purchased my hearing aids a couple of months ago. They were $1000 less than the audiologist at an ENT office.

Northwestern University
Center for Audiology, Speech, Language and Learning
2315 N. Campus Dr
Evanston, IL

Directions: Travel north on Sherman Ave to Lincoln Ave. Make a right turn.
Go straight ahead (cross Sheridan Rd). Follow the road to the parking lot.
Take your parking ticket with you and they have a machine that validates it so parking is free.
Clinic parking is across from the elevator on the 2nd level. Take the elevator to the 1 floor. Go through the door and enter the door on your right.


Negative recommendation on DOORDASH from Madeline Binder (1860 2NW)

Last night I ordered a meal on Doordash’s website from Siam on Main street at 4:27 PM. It arrived at 7:30 PM. I have used Doordash about 8 times before and the food has either come cold or lukewarm. I will never use them again. I think the restaurants and customers need to boycott them. My rating is 0 but in order to post I had to click on 1 star.


My sink in the kitchen got backed up and I needed a plumber.
He came out on time and it took him less than an hour from door to door to electrically rod out the pipe in the kitchen and stop the faucet from leaking in the bathroom. He was fast, efficient, clean, professional and friendly and is registered with Evanston as a C3 Licensed Contractor.

William (Billy) Maloney
Amex Plumbing
1243 Chicago Ave
Evanston, IL

Billy also imparted the following info. To prevent backup, fill the sink with hot water. Then allow it to go down the drain. Then fill the sink up with cold water, and allow it to go down the drain. Follow the above procedure every 2 weeks.

Sam Goss did some plumbing for me. I was particularly pleased because the original water shut-off valves in the bathroom had to be replaced, and old parts for this building can be very hard to find. Well, Sam found them, and I was able to get that plus other plumbing repairs done at what I consider to be a reasonable rate. As far as I’m concerned, Sam’s the man, especially if you need repairs on old, hard to get parts. In addition to plumbing, Sam’s Evanston firm does electrical and carpentry work, and pretty much anything connected with handyman work.
Sam Goss
Cell: 312-719-0113
Office: 847-733-0113


Get a great price and the right BTU machines for the living room v.s. the bedroom air conditioners. Be sure to purchase a “J” series GE so they’d fit in the sleeves. They will usually offer free delivery, installation, and recycling of the old machines.

Diane Petersmarck, 1860

Whole body dentistry, a biological approach.
Dr. Alla Aver D.D.S.
1300 Waukegan Road, Glenview, IL
847-998-5100 –
Referred by Madeline Binder (1860) who says she found Dr. Aver to be outstanding.


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